My only treasure

I see the demons in every man.

I see the broken this they try to hide.

I see their arrogance and their pride.

I see because I know they walk Within Me.

I need this can fill a man with despair.

The clashing drums of darkness and of Wrath.

The Folly that burns creation to Ash

But because of Christ I cannot love fate.

Though the world be a joke I must laugh!

Because in the hearts of the dirty broken man.

I see the sun that yet may be.

I see the Phoenix rising from the ash. I see Lazarus coming from his tomb.

and I hear the laughter of reborn kids

In the spirit I have one difficult truth.

The world needs your hope more than it needs you.

Learn the great books and hear the great Tales.

Let your heart grow drunk on Hope.

Because if not it will died drunk on despair.

I have known both in my brief eccentric life.

I have no riches nor any strength.

I am loud and dying every moment.

I am a fool who has no lands.

Nor horses or bravery for war like my ancestors had.

The only thing I have to share is the winter fire and Summer Sun.

desperate prayers and lonely songs.

Hope is what I have left to share


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