John the Baptist: A scene

The sun is high in hot in the air. It’s late spring about the transition into early summer. The last of the Snows are melting the flowing desert River known as the Jordan flows gently through the rushes and tall grasses along its Bank. The river defiant to the desert around it, and the high chalk White mesas that lead back to Jerusalem. There’s a murmuring as men and women from every Walk of Life rich and poor large and small hear the voice of a man thundering into their very hearts and souls. He wears the regalia in the dress of a prophet centuries dead he is dressed like the great Elijah who called lightning from the sky heard the voice of God that was carried up to heaven in a flaming chariot. He calls to them and tells them a simple message. All of them have done wrong and are broken. But the creator has not abandoned them and he tells them in order to get ready for an even greater one than he they must wash in the river. Be baptized and change their thinking and the direction of their lives. To repent. The people come in droves moved by his message and the hope he brings.


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