Bad Dreams

” and Christian kills Christian in a narrow Dusty room…”

So said a happy Giant many years ago, who dreamed of Christ’s United body, all turned back to Rome.

So much hatred born of so much blood in the centuries since Jesus roamed.

Christ with copious tears wept as we murdered each other with each other’s crosses.

We saw with the wrong kind of eyes and kill their brothers like Cain now cursed with a terrible mark.  

Some dream of burning priests what’s the Flaming vestments in the deepest hell!

Others dream of the end of the pretentious Greeks long beards in eastern cross. 

Others dream of a Traitors end for the protesting Church and it’s simple chapels.

We are filled with so much pride which has led to so much pain. It came in the form of wealthy Patriarchs, arrogant knights with bloody Steel, or round-headed men who dreamed of purity.

Christ is died or he had never lived.

Christ is risen or he never spoke.

Christ will come again or he never was born

These are the hard truths. We cannot hate each other forever even though we’d want to.

There’s too much work to do and our Lord keeps calling us to it.

The world will know his name and what he said.

The prisoners must be fed 

 The good story told 

 The great song sung

So much to do and if we do as he did he once more will walk again.

Mercy made flesh will walk The Healing Way For All Mankind.

It sounds too good to be true but the miracle is that it is.

The priests in their vestments, the Greek confession with long beards, the protesting Church and its many forms will be one at last.

Friends at the end of the universe

 Brothers of the shattered Cosmos 

 Witnesses of the new everything

 The new Earth is washed of blood made by the hands of squabbling Brothers.

I have spoken and this will be so.

Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin 


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