What all this meant

Most of the history books don’t tell

What happens to the Indians after they lose.

Always win the Indians fight the bigger power

It is full of light and Reckless Glory

Sounds of bugles the taste of dust and the shouts of battle

The battles become immortal like they should be

Turning obscure places into words of The Bard and songsters lips

Fallen Timbers, Fort Detroit, Fort Phil Kearny and Little Big Horn

Battles in the great battle of the little man versus the big-Man.

That’s what the newspapers like to see! The excitement and the desperate Glory of Wilfred Owen

People like to read about battles because they often lack conviction.

There are no Martyrs in our land anymore.

Such is the world when the power and the protester share the same fire

Such was the same at The Standing Rock.

 they were building the pipeline

The people came with all their environmental concerns with bleeding hearts aflutter and came to get their piece of cheap Grace.

Away to think about divine grace is a gift that is never earned.

One can only accept it freely that’s its Beauty

But you can abuse it by merely being a tourist.

My favorite thing is that no matter how much we speak no one ever listens to the Indians.

The battle at the camp was won. For a short while and then it was lost again. Like Little Bighorn so long ago

We live we die with the trauma that we have all inherited.

We are still sad but everyone heard what they wanted to hear and now they’re gone

They came to get a piece of Beauty for themselves even if they took it from us.

They believe in a false Unity God’s without conviction or a blind idiotic universe

They say love is all we need that’s usually what thieves say

I sure hope Christ is real because I want to see him over turning some tables with these folks who came and left

I would have rage but that heals nothing. Instead I will mock them

Like the best of Mark Twain I will call them out for their gilded organic privilege.

 I will call out to those Indians who like having their picture taken,

The false medicine man and the full shirt wearers and those who leavery the old ones in the cold.

I laugh because I believe in the fires in the night of those who’ve gone and the Creator who sustains them.

There’s no cheap hope these days. Only an ember undying On a Winter’s Night

Maybe it is time for the world to end it’s only the world.

But we’ll keep trying and we’ll keep fighting because if you know the Lakota you know they love to fight


Mitakuye oyasin


One thought on “What all this meant

  1. Wow, Courtland!!! You really nail down some subtle aspects people haven’t been acknowledging in recent times (or, well, hardly ever).
    Your writing embraces the big paradoxes and even bigger horizons. So many great lines….”People like to read about battles because often they lack conviction.”
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