Winter has come

I’m here. This picture was taken of me at the top of Pikes Peak near the end of July in the summer of 2016. Winter is just getting rolling here and I think back that very good trip. The thing about winter is that it forces you to look over the previous year and think of what was good. Contrary to the rest of the country my year I think was pretty good. However also like the rest of the country that year was also filled with troubles family drama and a good sense of angst and anxiety. However despite all of this I would have to consider that I am a happy person through all of it. Even the fact that my family has even been shaken to the point of self destruction I am happy. Now this is not schadenfreude rather I think it is a Hardy hope that has been nurtured inside of me. Even though it is winter summer is coming. Summer is coming. I love the idea of Summer. It’s a time of Youth warm nights and sparkling Stars. One can walk in the early morning light among the greenest trees and sense  that Joy Of Life. It is the middle of winter in darkness may be coming over is on a geopolitical scale. But I must interject solemn warning and it dearly held hope, summer is coming!


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