I am 25 years old I am in the summer of my life. I sit outside cool moist Breeze on the sound of thunder cracking in the air. Summer is the perfect season for a young man. It’s filled with hard work and the wonderful conversations that one has  in failing light. It’s no wonder that the pagans worshiped youth. One feels life in it passion usually with little pain. The pain comes as one grows older and finally matures. Life is an adventure a great story. It depends on what we want to make of our story that dictates how our lives will be. I think the secret is Wonder. When we have the capacity for Wonder we have the capacity to learn and love. When we do those are life grows like a sapling into a mighty tree.  The Tao te Ching says that when men lack in awe there will be disaster. How many people live without love? How many people refuse to learn? This seems easy especially coming from a young man but these two things are fraught with pain. For such is life and love. Passion means to suffer. We have been conditioned to think that suffering is a bad thing. Or we can make the mistake that all there is is sorrow. These are the type of conversations that we need to have one we are young. I was once expressing these concerns in my work to two older customers. I explain to them my angst, my fears of not going anywhere and they smiled and nodded warmly. They have been there before and knew that I would get out of it as they have. A wonderful moment. So what do I recommend? Smoke pipes and cigars! Quit smoking cigarettes! Have a party! Quit drinking! Have fun! Mourn with a friend. Learn to listen. Watch a hundred great movies. Take morning walks. Start a journal. Read a book out loud with some friends. Go to a dark place and stargaze with someone that you love. Tell scary stories at a camping trip. Swim in the ocean at dawn or sunset. Drive all night to a neat place. Call your mom or dad or grandparents more often. Buy food for stranger. Attend the Bible study. This list can be endless and you know the beautiful part? It is. A line from Deuteronomy ” I call Heaven and Earth to witness against you this day that I have set before thee life and death the blessing and the curse so therefore choose life that thou mayest live thou and thy seed.”


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