The Right of Spring

It is Springtime in Colorado. The weather varies from hot to cool down with May showers. The earth smells alive and rich after the rains. It smells like Green/Life. I can see why the Pagans would celebrate by dancing in the burgeoning sun as the sun and day grow long and the stars move to the south. Mars is making a very close approach this year. It gleams in the night like the ancient god of war glowing and shining in the night. The river swells with mud rich water as the snows that fell in December melts and tumbles to the Pacific through the Grand Canyon and rushes by the terribly mortal Las Vegas.

I love the greeness of the glacial valley north of town. The trees sing as the Spring breeze blows through them in the brilliant sun light. Summer is Coming and I love it. There is a solace in Springtime that soothes the bad humours of winter. One feels that anything is possible. I have started bicycling again and it is a truly free feeling to ride down a hill with the wind flapping through my hair, I catch myself smiling at how good I feel.

To grow in life a person must see their own life like the seasons with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. We are Mortal but our life has a special meaning and a gift that we all must see in order to truly be happy and whole. This time of year covers where I am in my life, It is high Spring and the long hot summer of my life is coming up. I am excited for it and I hope to see what will become of it.


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