My Godswood.

One of my favorite images from George RR Martin’s much discussed “A Game of Thrones” is the godswood that exist in many of the fictional castles in the fantastic world he has created. I loved this image of a place of nature inside these fortresses of these noble families. It’s an image of pagan beauty inside his series. The idea that there was this large magic tree with a face and the fact that nature stares back at you is compelling.

I am happy to report that I have my own godswood. It’s strange because it is merely an empty lot bordered by a gas line on one side a stacked wooden fence on the other with a tree covering you from the road and shrubs in front overlooking the river. This spot is on a 50 foot embankment which overlooks the Durango Silverton railroad line and the Animas River right behind my home. There is sufficient shelter from the street light where I can get a good view of the stars. The sound of the river rushing over rocks floats up and on the horizon the moon is about to rise.

I often go there to smoke my pipe and just to think or relax after a hard and stressful day. So I love my jobs but I’m quite an introverted person and require quiet moments to recharge. My favorite thing about this spot is that it is a quiet fragments of nature like the godswood in George RR Martin series. We need places where we could reconnect with the past when we look at nature we look at the creation and all the glory that life has in store for those who would merely see. And like the gods would my gods what is a place of prayer. Is a simple spot what is a place that I come in contact with Almighty. I’m grateful for this place.


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