Writing this week.

These last few weeks I have not been very productive in my work as a writer. In all honesty I have been struggling to remain a reader. My job with InterVarsity requires alot of my time and working with students while worthy uses alot of emotional energy. But now I feel as if I finally have something to say.

I love the art and craft of writing but I realized that I am still merely a novice in the craft. To be good writer one must write and read. I have fallen short this department. Though I have been learning the art of reviewing movies.


The fantasy project on which I am currently engaged in is stalled. It is good to pursue creativity in whatever form. I am an amateur astronomer, Pipe Smoker, Film Critic, and avid walker. To reconnect with inspiration one must act and do, talk to your friends, get drunk, run through the streets and have a good time. Do not get trapped take a break and get back to work.


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