A Belated MLK Day Reflection

I wonder our nation is so young (less than 300 years) what if the American Revolution is ever really over. We seem to require leaders who instill a vision of the American dream. The dream of who the American people will be has changed vastly since the country was founded, from being mostly rich white guys in wigs to everyone else. Martin Luther Kings vision of America was the next stage of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and it’s “new birth of freedom”. A dream that is inscribed on the hearts of all free people. A vision of a beautiful people rising from the ashes and abyss, a people free to decide their own destinies and set other people free. A people guided by reason and justice. We have fallen short but as a Lakota I am also an American. This nation has sinned and been in league with the workers of iniquity and the corrupt. But they plague all free people. In honor of those who have come before (Adams, Corn Planter, Tecumseh, Little Crow, Lincoln, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, etc etc.) We have a duty to be dedicated to truth, beauty and justice. One must believe in something greater than one’s self. The dream of an America where people are judged not by their color or creed rather by the content of their character is a good place to start. This will require courage, knowledge, wisdom, love, mercy, responsibility and most importantly character. Don’t be content to live but join the great adventure that is life. There will be perils, sorrow and suffering but we suffer that anyway. Become a citizen and a patriot of the vision of equality and justice. Either way that wraps up my little rant. All I can say is stand with free people and fight for Dr Kings dream of equality and righteousness.


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