The Sixth Batch


My only treasure

I see the demons in every man.

I see the broken this they try to hide.

I see their arrogance and their pride.

I see because I know they walk Within Me.

I need this can fill a man with despair.

The clashing drums of darkness and of Wrath.

The Folly that burns creation to Ash

But because of Christ I cannot love fate.

Though the world be a joke I must laugh!

Because in the hearts of the dirty broken man.

I see the sun that yet may be.

I see the Phoenix rising from the ash. I see Lazarus coming from his tomb.

and I hear the laughter of reborn kids

In the spirit I have one difficult truth.

The world needs your hope more than it needs you.

Learn the great books and hear the great Tales.

Let your heart grow drunk on Hope.

Because if not it will died drunk on despair.

I have known both in my brief eccentric life.

I have no riches nor any strength.

I am loud and dying every moment.

I am a fool who has no lands.

Nor horses or bravery for war like my ancestors had.

The only thing I have to share is the winter fire and Summer Sun.

desperate prayers and lonely songs.

Hope is what I have left to share

My meditation

Adding something for #testimonytuesday Me and Heather Jim just got back from Chapter Camp at Campus by the Sea. We were teaching Mark 1 from the recently completed First Nations Version of Mark (War Club tells the Good Story) just recently completed. The study was successful, still some kinks to work out but I think its a bright start for more contextualized and honoring bible study. A bald eagle landed right in camp, black and white like the mountain top on a winters night, Like the Holy Spirit descending.The Future is bright and hope is kindled for a people with a destiny
(I’m going to preach for a moment)
Mark is the Warriors Gospel. Jesus arrives as a man of action grown and ready to do battle with the evils of the bad hearted and broken ways of this world. In Lakota culture fighting in war was optional and dependent on a leader inspiring others to follow him on raids to steal horses from Rival tribes. If a warrior was a bad leader no one would follow. Interestingly enough Creator Sets Free compares himself to a thief in War Club’s (Mark’s) Story. He says he came to bind the great Usurper the Accusing Trickster Snake who rules it like a tyrant colonizing it. Natives aren’t looking for religion they are looking for a war party to join. A leader who will lead them to healing, joy giving them hope to live immediately. Lakota in the old days weren’t afraid of dying, they were afraid of dying useless in a bad way. “Take up your Cross and Follow Me!” is a battle cry if I’ve ever heard one. So I end with this prayer for you in this busy season in troubled times.

“So Come On! Let’s Go! ‘He who is trying to save his skin will lose it but they who will die with me will always have it and never come to a bad end’ A good death awaits you! Come On! Let us raid the Enemy bravely stealing back those dark hearted and lost souls for their Creator who loves them best! We remember the words of Tasunka Witco (Crazy Horse) Hoka Hey! Hoka Hey! It is a good day to fight! It is a good day to die! Strong Hearts to the front weak hearts and cowards to the rear!” May it be so! (Amen)

If you have any questions or desire clarification comment. God bless all of you!

John the Baptist: A scene

The sun is high in hot in the air. It’s late spring about the transition into early summer. The last of the Snows are melting the flowing desert River known as the Jordan flows gently through the rushes and tall grasses along its Bank. The river defiant to the desert around it, and the high chalk White mesas that lead back to Jerusalem. There’s a murmuring as men and women from every Walk of Life rich and poor large and small hear the voice of a man thundering into their very hearts and souls. He wears the regalia in the dress of a prophet centuries dead he is dressed like the great Elijah who called lightning from the sky heard the voice of God that was carried up to heaven in a flaming chariot. He calls to them and tells them a simple message. All of them have done wrong and are broken. But the creator has not abandoned them and he tells them in order to get ready for an even greater one than he they must wash in the river. Be baptized and change their thinking and the direction of their lives. To repent. The people come in droves moved by his message and the hope he brings.