A New Era

Pretentious title aside I find it strange to be using new technology. I am currently writing this blog post on my my new tablet with my brandnew bluetooth keyboard. I have to say that it is quite exciting, the novelty of ot is intoxicating! I hope with this tool not only to increase productivity but also to have a great deal of fun in the creative process. I hope that it will equal new and wonderful writings from yours truly.


My Painting

I am glad and happy to report that my experiment in painting has been successful. I was inspired to pick up the art after reading an excerpt from “The Last Lion:Visions of Glory” Manchester discusses how Churchill picked up the art and I was inspired.

Two of my friends who paint gave me good advice and feedback as I got started. I decided to start with watercolors for its cost effectiveness. I have posted my efforts to this page. Though I need to post what I have done since I last updated.

Art has been good for my soul. I now will try to improve with the help of a new general guide and YouTube tutorials.

I look forward to sharing those with all readers.